Non-Committal Friday Night Drinks

When: 30 August 2019
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: Carousel Bar
Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: Free

We're bringing it back........non-committal, 'just swing by' Friday night drinks once a month. 

A chance to:
  Meet other working professionals from a wide range of industries
  Enjoy a beverage on happy hour rates thanks to the team at Carousel
  See who's on the committee and what's forthcoming in events (hint - it's exciting!) 

Anyway we are going to start these up again, so feel free to bring anyone along, no cost and no commitment needed.

$9.50 Pints of Beer
$9.00 Wines
$10 Cocktails

+ Great variety of non-alcoholic drinks (for those who have a busy/active weekend planned)
+ Complimentary fresh bread (sourced from local Spelt Bakery) with cold-pressed fresh olive oil

What more can you ask for?

See you there, or if not, next month...